The unconventional living space where artists meet art lovers!

Atelier Home Gallery organises exhibitions and happenings in the fascinate home of a family of artists at the historical 19-century Panfili Palace.

We have transformed an apartment into an art gallery, exploring the ways in which contemporary art can be part of the living space, while keeping the intimate feeling created by being at somebody’s home. Beyond the normal reach of a gallery, we also organize design showcases, cooking labs, music events and tailored exhibitions on a request.

L’Atelier Home Gallery organizza mostre e happening negli affascinanti spazi della dimora d’epoca, degli artisti Roberto del Frate e Roberta de Jorio, al terzo piano del prestigioso Palazzo Panfili. L’appartamento è stato trasformato in una galleria d’arte al fine di esplorare come l’arte contemporanea entri in relazione con l’atmosfera più intima di uno spazio abitativo. Oltre alle mostre, si organizzano showcase di design, laboratori di cucina ed eventi musicali.


Matilde Tiriticco | Gallery Manager


Alessandro Viola | Co-founder

Atelier Home Gallery - 3d


Via della Geppa 2, Trieste (Italy)

+39 348 9278461


Giovedì | venerdì | sabato

18:00 – 20:00

oppure su appuntamento


Thursday | Friday | Saturday

18 – 20h

or by appointment

Call for Artists!

Atelier Home Gallery offers to emerging and talented artists from different genres (painting, sculpture, graphic arts, video, photography, literature, theater and music) the opportunity to exhibit their works or to perform at our art space located in the Panfili Palace of Trieste, Italy. The Artists’ portfolio will be reviewed by Matilde Tiriticco (Gallery Manager and Curator). In order to be considered for an exhibition or a performance, artists should sent an email to by enclosing biography and images of their works (at least 5 images in JPEG format with titles, mediums, dimensions) or the description of their performances.